About Us

Welcome To RPS Valves

Valves serve plenty of purposes in the industrial sector. These components find implementation in mechanical devices such as water systems and HVAC. Selecting the right valve helps a person determine the the effectiveness of the operations of a systems. Taking the importance of valves into consideration, we, RPS Valves present our product-line of variety of vales incorporating revised and new designs that are specially engineered to cater the needs of mechanical industry. As a manufacturer and supplier, we not only have expertise in engineering top-of-the-line valves, but possess a wide market distribution network that allow us to sell our products both to engineering companies and end-buyers. Our gamut of valves include Lined Butterfly Valves, RPS Valves, Audco Butterfly Valves and many more. The products we offer are the best both in terms of quality and workmanship standards that can be rendered by anyone in the entire market.

Our Designing and Manufacturing Capabilities

Each and every valve offered by us is designed as per the basic principle of hydrodynamics so that one can easily minimize the level of turbulence and pressure drop. This also results in smoother fluid flow while offering minimum restriction. Our manufacturing unit is equipment with latest machines and tools such as milling machines, high volume transfer machines and many other general machines that are complemented through our framework agreements to guarantee our access to the advance casting techniques and other material treatment equipment. Apart from all this, we also use some of the best software systems and for designing our valves because the usage of these systems allow us to export our drawings and data sheets to any other platform so that these can be easily used by other units and departments.

Why RPS Valves?

Within a couple of years of our establishment, we have identified our opportunities and scope on which we are improving the market position of our company. We are outperforming ourselves with each passing year due to the following reasons :